Surgeries, pit bulls, and small spaces!

Living and working from the road has its challenges, no doubt about it.. but throw in to the mix a k9 surgery, and things get real, real fast! Unfortunately our rescue pit mix honey, had to go under the knife while we were in New Mexico. SWe noticed some small lumps in her belly, and we wanted them looked at and to be removed.

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Trouble in Texa-dise

Goodbye TX, Hello NM!

With 9 hours of highway between us.. and New Mexico, we were quite eager to get back on the road. Several hours of STRAIGHT UP CRUSHING MILES ..and listening to the best 80’s music.. BOOM.. right as my boy Rick Astley came on.. we heard a huge bang from underneath our coach… Once again.. we knew.. were in a #roadlife situation..  Continue reading “Trouble in Texa-dise”

Camping World, Oh Camping World..

After a long day of driving, and knowing that some camping world locations allow one night camping in their private RV lot (Including electric and Water connection) we decided to call ahead and were told they do allow one night stays but its first come first serve.. hmmm.. Well we were first to arrive but not the last.. several other campers arrived after us but unfortunately this specific location only has space for two RV’s well there were more than two of us looking for the free stay.. so.. lol we were inside camping world for some time shopping and I guess some of the others that arrived felt they were there ahead of us…things were about to get real… as I was ready to fist fight for my rightful spot!

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Tire Blowouts, and Border Guards!

Ten Miles from the Detroit, Canada border we were casually driving along when from underneath the coach we heard a bang loud enough to be and explosion.. Although much to our surprise nothing seemed to change in how the coach was driving so we assumed everything was ok.. after all we are RV newbies.. oh how wrong we were… Continue reading “Tire Blowouts, and Border Guards!”

Out with the old…

So, if you managed to check out the “about us” section, then you already know deal!

Now, enough about us.. and more about our new, and slightly smaller mobile home, and office. After much searching online and in person it was clear we had to make a few big decisions to narrow our search.

first we decided on class of motor coach.. although diesel sounded like the right move, we werent going to be towing a vehicle, and we really didnt think our rig would be loaded down with people and belongins.. so we went with a gas engine. we almost went for a class C gas engine coach, but with all the miles we plan on doing.. we didnt want to be in anything that was even close to a truck cab.. we wanted the most comfortable and cinematic views we could get! and theres nothing like the panoramic view you get from sitting high up in a class A. Once we knew we wanted a class A, we began the research on them. Trying to decide which was the right make and model for us.. for our needs..

Enter Thor Hurricane!!

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The Closing Table

Today is the day!

Imagine sitting at the closing your attorneys office.. Handing over all sets of keys to the house you own… that moment it really hit it home for us. We knew the second closing was done, we would no longer have possession of the very first house we bought and renovated, and the house our RV was still parked in front of, full of all the belongings we could pack in.

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