A Canadian Thanksgiving!

Arriving in Canada was a great feeling for us. We had accomplished our first major trip from Long Island NY, 450 miles to Campbellville Ontario. We spent a few days there visiting with freinds and family, stuffing our faces with home cooked meals and relaxing before we got back on the road headed for Texas.

There were many reasons we decided to kick this journey off with a trip home, but mainly we wanted to meet our newest niece, and to be present for the gender reveal of another new little family member. Besides that all the good eating and socializing was reason enough.

The kitchen in my parents place is always buzzing when we have the whole family over.. so much cooking and eating and drinking, laughing and even some crying (new borns in the house). We had a 32 lb turkey and it fed my entire family with very little left to enjoy the following day. It was a nostalgic experience for me being back there after so many years in NY, and my wife certainly loves being there and getting some baby handling practice.


Early morning before the sun rises, we put the pedal to the metal, and set off for the Detroit, Canada border. Where the real fun began haha. be sure to check our next post to follow that little adventure.



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