The Closing Table

Today is the day!

Imagine sitting at the closing your attorneys office.. Handing over all sets of keys to the house you own… that moment it really hit it home for us. We knew the second closing was done, we would no longer have possession of the very first house we bought and renovated, and the house our RV was still parked in front of, full of all the belongings we could pack in.

We left closing and went straight for the RV, I jumped out got in the RV and we drove a few blocks to park up and take it all in. This lifestyle certainly has a learning curve.. Nothing helped us realize this more than trying to drive an RV for the first time in long island traffic… having drawers fly out of place, pots and pans clanging around.. I never heard so much racket!! driving that thing down the long island expressway was an experience i will not soon forget!

Our first night in the coach was in a camprgound and RV park, we needed to be able to hook up to shore power so we could get organized and plan for our first big trip to Canada for thanksgiving. after all we had just come from closing, with so much stuff crammed in with us, and our two dogs.

We had loose ends with work to tie up before we could officially leave NY. this lead to a 3 day stay at the campground. luckily we had great neighbours, 17 year verterans who showed us a thing or two.. getting those RV hacks early on helped us feel pretty confident.




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