Out with the old…

So, if you managed to check out the “about us” section, then you already know deal!

Now, enough about us.. and more about our new, and slightly smaller mobile home, and office. After much searching online and in person it was clear we had to make a few big decisions to narrow our search.

first we decided on class of motor coach.. although diesel sounded like the right move, we werent going to be towing a vehicle, and we really didnt think our rig would be loaded down with people and belongins.. so we went with a gas engine. we almost went for a class C gas engine coach, but with all the miles we plan on doing.. we didnt want to be in anything that was even close to a truck cab.. we wanted the most comfortable and cinematic views we could get! and theres nothing like the panoramic view you get from sitting high up in a class A. Once we knew we wanted a class A, we began the research on them. Trying to decide which was the right make and model for us.. for our needs..

Enter Thor Hurricane!!


We felt confident in our research, this lead us to small RV dealer in North Carolina called Carolina Family Motors.. we had spoken to the owner there in detail several times.. Brian was not like other dealers.. who came off pushy and almost desperate for the sale. Being the sales people we are, we know that any and every client is important and needs to feel comfortable and safe with us when we are coaching them on their own purchase of a lifetime. Long story short.. Brian from Carolina family motors won our business. We put a deposit on a 2007 four winds, Thor Hurricane 31-D gas motor coach.

We made a list of everything we wanted to change, and or rip out and began the task of renovation. We tore out the floors (all 3 of them) and got down to the wood subfloor. we changed all the hardware and fixtures and prepped the job for paint.. We chose a clean bright white, and began the first, second, third and fourth coat until we had it looking superb.

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