Camping World, Oh Camping World..

After a long day of driving, and knowing that some camping world locations allow one night camping in their private RV lot (Including electric and Water connection) we decided to call ahead and were told they do allow one night stays but its first come first serve.. hmmm.. Well we were first to arrive but not the last.. several other campers arrived after us but unfortunately this specific location only has space for two RV’s well there were more than two of us looking for the free stay.. so.. lol we were inside camping world for some time shopping and I guess some of the others that arrived felt they were there ahead of us…things were about to get real… as I was ready to fist fight for my rightful spot!

Although it didn’t come to fisticuffs.. like true adults.. our words were enough. We let the others know that we had been there since 3pm and one of the two spots was ours. Luckily, Rob & Kristi (our now new friends) were the second couple to arrive and they were just lovely.. The other.. gentleman who was hoping for a spot was not as joyful about the situation as he realized he was third in line to arrive.. he quickly stormed out blaming Arkansas for more than one of his problems.. Oh well. Early bird gets the worm!

Now that we sorted out who was staying and who was gonna keep on rolling, we felt much more relaxed. Ron & Kristi were so friendly and seemed to be seasoned traveler’s in their fifth wheel toy hauler which looked totally bad ass. it had a garage in the back of it with their ATV in it.. talk about awesome! our RV had no garage, and no ATV 🙁 Haha. Cheers Rob!

Camping world however had a bunch of walkthroughs on trailers they had sold and had to complete these walkthroughs before we could take over the power connections they were using.. So Jacqui, Kristi, Rob, and I cracked some cold ones and watched the CW employees milk their overtime.. j/k I’m sure they weren’t concerned about making more money and were moving as fast as they could knowing we were patiently waiting for them to finish………. lol

Heres us trying to re organize Ha!


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