Tire Blowouts, and Border Guards!

Ten Miles from the Detroit, Canada border we were casually driving along when from underneath the coach we heard a bang loud enough to be and explosion.. Although much to our surprise nothing seemed to change in how the coach was driving so we assumed everything was ok.. after all we are RV newbies.. oh how wrong we were…

Feeling optimistic we thought everything might be ok, we did not notice a change in how the coach felt driving at the same speeds, but being the partially C personality that I am (ask us about D. I. S. C. personality profiling) I started to feel that it was more important to pull over and inspect the undercarriage of the coach, the tires, and overall look of the exterior. As i pretended to know what the hell I was looking at I grabbed my flashlight and tool box and rolled under the rig. everything looked normal, nothing seemed damaged.. even the chassis looked great, not a spec of rust.

Upon further examination I could see one of our inner rear tires didn’t quite hold the same shape as the others.. and after skillfully kicking all the tires it became apparent to me that one of the tires just ain’t right! boy was I glad I didn’t drive any further.. because one of those 700 dollar bad boys had blown. it was a 9 year old tire so it actually was just a natural occurrence.

We have a great roadside plan with The Good Sam’s Club, so after we called them in a panic they quickly dispatched a tire repair truck to our exact location. While we waited we ordered some pizza and threw on an episode of game of thrones! not a bad way to spend the time!

I swear the tire repair man moonlights as a comedian because he had us laughing the entire time he was working on getting our tire replaced which was only about a half hour. after that we were back on the road with ab rand new tire and a few miles from the border.

When we crossed from NY into Canada it was a very easy crossing. No guards even wanted to come aboard, they just wanted to see our dogs vaccination papers and they waved us in! talk about grateful! Detroit however wasn’t so easy. Haha.

They pulled us in for inspection and detained us for several hours so they could verify everything we were doing and make sure our vehicle met their legal standards… personally i think they just wanted to hang our with us..

After everything checked out, it was like 1 am. not the best time to drive through Detroit but hey whats life without a little risk! instead of stopping somewhere and getting some sleep we soldiered through and made our way out of the city and into a much more rural areas where we felt safe enough to catch a few winks. After a few hours of sleep we were back on the road headed for Arkansas. Until next time Detroit Border patrol!

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