Where to Begin!

Where to Begin?

A question plaguing my mind all morning. After a hugely successful work convention in Texas, we found ourselves in quite a situation..

We had wrapped up our work convention, checked out of the hotel, and jumped in our coach headed for the Posh Paws pet resort. I feel a great revulsion leaving the dogs in a boarding kennel, so naturally I had done some fact-finding and found a kennel I was pleased enough with to leave Romeo & Honey.

Looking forward to getting our dogs back, and being down to the wire with the kennels weekend hours of operation, we raced over to them. When we arrived at Posh Paws we parked the RV on the street due to a busy parking area and went in to get the dogs and their belongings. We settled the bill, and went back out to the RV ready to unlock the door, and throw the dogs beds and food supply in. It was a rather odd temperature for Texas that day… feeling A LOT more like a fall day in New York. Having the sun setting really put a chill in the air and unfortunately for us.. the deadbolt locking mechanism on our ONLY access door had failed internally rendering the once working door.. useless.. puzzled by this we tried several more times to get the lock working with the key and failed each time, we were perplexed!


Being the resourceful man that I am.. I channeled my inner James Bond and bypassed the window lock with top secret skills! and with the James Bond theme music playing in my head I gracefully nose dived through the passenger window.. lets see Sean Connery pull that one off! the window was 6 feet off the ground btw!


We were so grateful, we didn’t need and expensive tow, we didn’t need to leave the RV in a shop somewhere to be repaired, we didn’t need to get a hotel room or rent a car (all were possibilities initially) all we needed to do was to start the engine and hit the road!


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