Trouble in Texa-dise

Goodbye TX, Hello NM!

With 9 hours of highway between us.. and New Mexico, we were quite eager to get back on the road. Several hours of STRAIGHT UP CRUSHING MILES ..and listening to the best 80’s music.. BOOM.. right as my boy Rick Astley came on.. we heard a huge bang from underneath our coach… Once again.. we knew.. were in a #roadlife situation.. 

As the sun was setting in Texas, you could feel the warmth slowly disappearing.. cruising on down a distressed road lined with three wire telephone poles, tumble weeds and beaten down dirt pathways.. nothing but old BBQ shacks, and vintage gas stations.. seriously vintage! like the ones you see in movies, you know what im talking about.. people driving through the desert on a road trip.. they pull into the dusty station.. only two rusted gas pumps in use,  an old broken payphone.. abandoned cars parked all around.. these gas stations looked more like ice fishing cabins to me.. it was awesome!

What wasn’t awesome was the fact that we had just blown another tire. The first tire bit the dust just before we hit Detroit.. and let me tell you.. I was loosing my sh*t. However, this time.. we were not in a bustling Windsor border town.. we were .02 miles from a noticeably renovated rest stop.. Thankfully rather than having to pull off on the shoulder of  busy I-40 and sit dangerously waiting for a service truck, we were able to gracefully glide into a designated RV parking spot. Feeling no stress at all, I simply said to my wife, hey babe? call our roadside service, you hungry? and like seasoned pros we fired up the generator, put some Game of Thrones on, and opened a bottle of wine.


Enter Tire Service Wizard..


This dude was the real McCoy, not his first rodeo..

Service was exceptionally fast this time, our last tire ordeal took about three hours. Service in Texas moves a little quicker. We were able to shave an hour and twenty minutes off the previous three, and just like that we were ready to put pedal to metal and on our way into New Mexico!! I expeditiously brewed some coffee in the french press, restarted the Rick Astley and the rest is history!

Peace out Texas! its been REAL!



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