Surgeries, pit bulls, and small spaces!

Living and working from the road has its challenges, no doubt about it.. but throw in to the mix a k9 surgery, and things get real, real fast! Unfortunately our rescue pit mix honey, had to go under the knife while we were in New Mexico. SWe noticed some small lumps in her belly, and we wanted them looked at and to be removed.

TLC Vet hospital in new mexico did a great job with Honey. All tumor’s and masses were removed, and although one mass was a carcinoma the vet was able to get clean margins. Thank the LORD!

Now.. having one of our two 75 pound pit bulls with a cone on in our coach, and needing 2-3 weeks  ( more like a month realistically ) of healing time was a huge unexpected challenge. The cone of shame was knocking into EVERYTHING! including taking us out at the knees.. luckily we got her an inflatable cone and tossed the old school plastic satellite dish!

Below is honey post op!

Special thanks to all staff at TLC, and all our family and friends for their well wishes and thoughts for Honey!


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