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An American girl, meets a Canadian guy on the dance floor of a Real Estate Convention in 2013…

4 months later, we are engaged and 6 months later we are married.  Fast forward almost 3 years, and you will find us living in our newly renovated home on Long Island with  our two dogs, both working in our careers enjoying all that life has to offer.

My wife Jacqui is a 14 year veteran in her field of mortgage banking and I have been a NY realtor since moving to the states after we married.  As a newly married couple we found ourselves dreaming of what our lives would look like in years to come.  Conversations of having children, building wealth, advancement of our careers, potentially opening a business left us both feeling like we wanted an adventure, go figure.

Both being connected to real estate, we watched the housing market sky rocket around us and thought, hmmmm it seems we have an opportunity, maybe we should go for it!   After many long talks about the idea of selling our newly finished home (my wife completed it to perfection in my opinion), we said to ourselves one Wednesday morning “Let’s list the house and see what happens.” We should have known we were jumping into deep water. In 48 hours we were going into contract, completely in awe of what just happened. Are we really selling? Is this really happening? Where are we going to live? What have we done?  This is where the adventure took off…

We had it on our minds to buy a motorhome to do some light traveling but what if we could take some time to explore the US before buying another home? What if we could take our businesses on the road, work and travel all while deciding on where we truly want to put our roots? What if we could live out a dream that we would talk about for the rest of our lives?

Well, we figured out the answer to every question was YES WE CAN! The more we planned the more we recognized technology (wifi, computers, phones) allows us to maintain our NY businesses while traveling and working remotely. Staying connected to the people we love is just as easy too, so our question became “WHY NOT?” and to that we had no answer.

Immediately we went into planning mode…

We searched for the perfect motorhome that would make our adventure safe and comfortable. After seeking advice, doing personal research and evaluating all of our options we purchased a 32 foot Thor Hurricane class A motorhome and renovated it to our specific tastes and needs and loaded it with the necessities. Computers, unlimited wifi, a drone, camera’s, our favorite books and all our living needs fit quite nicely, we were shocked!

So on September 29, 2017 we SOLD! We packed our home into a storage unit, parked our cars on the driveway of our investment home and moved our lives, puppies and office into our new home on wheels!

We are officially full time travellers, starting the next chapter of our lives exploring the USA with our two k9 companions, Romeo and Honey.  How long until we buy another home and settle down? Thats one question we don’t have the answer to, but we trust it will come at the perfect time.

Some may call it a huge risk, but some of the greatest rewards come after great risk. This blog was created so that we can share our journey, with friends, family, and other travellers that are taking the path less traveled and seizing their own dash! We hope you enjoy joining us on this adventure and would love to hear your stories too. See you on the open road…


SEIZING THE DASH – A dash represents the space between year of birth, and year of death on a headstone. A dash could have different meanings.. to us it represents the time we are here living, it represents a time we are together on this earth, it represents experiences we have, and share. this is our dash and we intend to seize it!

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